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14-08-2016 Peter van de Velde

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Show Report
Show: St. Margarethen an der Raab (Austria)
Date: 14-08-2016
Class: Pre-Beginners up to C
Judge: Peter van de Velde

After being part of the first ever UK Obedience show in Austria, I was very pleased to be invited back to judge the second show. In fact I was invited long before the first show. So at the moment I accepted the invitation I did not know what to expect. But after judging a few classes in May at the first show, I was very pleased to go back and judge all the classes. Very nice and friendly people, great teams and fantastic atmosphere. The only thing was the weather. It was very hot. 35 C in the shade. I really don’t know how much it was in the sun, but it didn’t bother me while I was judging. Great teams kept me focused on the job. I didn’t realise I got a sunburn on my head.  Two days after I got home, the DNA from the skin of my head start spreading all over the place.
Thank you Sabrina for inviting me (again) and making the show run as smooth as it did.
The organisation was perfect. I was provided with great stewards. A big thank you to Natalie Perl (pre-beginners), Alexandra Muralter (Beginners & Novice), Sandra Hasslinger (Class A) and Veronika Berndt (Class B & C) for all doing a perfect job an keeping concentrated in the heat. Thank you all for making my job easy.

The Results:

Pre-Beginners 14 entries  13 ran
1st Claudia Prath & Whispering Oaks Leaf (Golden Retriever) lost 3.25
Wow what a team. Fantastic heelwork, attentive and perfect position. A please to watch and a well-deserved win.
2nd Sandra Haslinger & Ginger (Vizsla) lost 4
Another great team. Lovely heelwork. I’s sure you will win this or a higher class very soon. Well done.
3rd Anja Steyer & Alina vom Anemonensee  (German Shepard) lost 4.5
The youngest handler did a great job. Improved a lot since the last time. Praised and helped the lovely German shepherd at the right time. Well done Anja and a well deserved place.
4th Elisabeth Cerveny & Abby (X-breed) lost 4.75
Great heelwork on lead, lost it a little on heel free. Must have been the heat. Very well handled.
5th Josef Doppelhofer & Emma (Airdale Terier) lost 5.5
What a great team to watch, very nice heelwork. Just some minor mistakes. done.
6th Sarah Weber & Bonnie (X-breed) lost 5.5
Bonnie worked her socks of. Your short lead cost you a higher place in the line-up.
I must mention Helena Steiner & Ziva of Jennifers Bonfire. Perfect heelwork, but blew it on the recall. A very crooked present well corrected with the hand but no finish. How one simple exercise can ruin a red rosette. And Claudi Prath & Kanadickens Corvina di Toya could have a run off for 1st if the dog wasn’t stung in the stays.
Overall great work form all the teams, even the ones that weren’t in the line-up. Great heelwork from all the different breeds.

Beginners  14 entries  11 ran.
1st Birgit Grabober & Philsaitig attracting Linus (Border Collie) lost 3.5
A very young dog. Lovely and stylish heelwork. I’m sure they will have a great future. Well done.
2nd Birgit Grabober & Australis Hamilton Dream. (Border Collie) lost 4
Some wide about turns and a very crooked finish in heelwork cost most of the points. Still very nice. A great day for you and all your dogs.
3rd  Stefan Zaleschak & Maid vom Thurnhof lost 4.25
Great team, Lovely little dog , well handled. Get those left turns right and you can easily win this class.
4th Birgit Grabober & Agilis Cadbury (Papillon) lost 4.5
Smokey completed the family top four in Beginners. Great work of this little dog. Great attention, a pleasure to watch.
5th Sarah Weber & Bonnie (X-Breed) lost 5.75
Bonnie had a clear recall, but lost a lot on the Retrieve with anticipation and mouthing. Get this sorted and I’m sure you both can win this class.
6th Claudia Prath & Kanadickens Corvina di Toya (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) lost 10.25
No present at the recall was very costly today.  Heelwork was very nice but with some minor mistakes. Well done.
Great training rounds in this class by Renate Reisinger & Niko vom Wooly-Lamahof . Heelwork was great after starting from play and not the usual sit, Birgit Steyer & Havanna von Lord Fandor What a pleasure to watch Havanna stretched out very nicely at the hand touch. And Andrea Urdl & Anime, what a great improvement from this morning. Well done all of you.

Novice 10 Entries 10 Ran.
1st Claudia Prath & Whispering Oaks Leaf (Golden Retriever) lost 3
One of the best Novice rounds I’ve seen in years. Heel free was almost perfect. Perfect position very stylish and hardly any mistakes. Well done.
2nd Stefan Zaleschak & Maid vom Thurnhof (Border Collie) lost 5.5
Best of the rest. Very nice round. Today just not enough to win. I’m sure the win will be there soon.
3rd Sandra Haslinger & Ginger (Vizsla) lost 5.5
What a shame that the run-off went  completely wrong. Still  a third place in Novice is very good. Well done.
4th Nathalie Perl & Amy (X-breed) lost 6
So close to the 2nd place, just half a point away. Well done.
5th Nathalie Perl & Goldie (X-breed) lost 9
Very good recall and retrieve, but the heelwork was a bit costly today. Overall a great round.
6th Birgit Grabober & Agilis Cadbury (Papillon) lost 11
The down stay prevented a higher place in the line up. Well done.
Birgit’s other two dogs were both on 4.5 before the stays, unfortunately the sit stay was very costly preventing the being in the line-up.

Class A: 6 Entries 5 Ran
1st Claudia Prath & Whispering Oaks Leaf (Golden Retriever) lost 14.25
After winning beginners and Novice also  a Class A win. What a day for you and Whisper.
A lot of extra commands in all the exercises It was your first A, so I didn’t mark the extra commands that hard. But now that you are out of Novice you should work on that.
Fantastic from Pre-beginners to Class A in one show. Well done.
2nd Sabrina Mendlik & Zoe vom Wooly-Lamahof (Australian Shepherd) lost 17.25
Another WOW moment, what a team, fantastic and very stylish heelwork. Was in the lead up to the stays. Only lost 2.5. I’m sure you will be C-only in a few shows.
3rd Nathalie Perl & Amy (X-breed) lost 20.25
Great work overall. Amy is such a great and well trained dog. Well done.
Two great training rounds , very well handled and very positive, well done Sabrina and Nathalie.

Class B 2 Entries 2 ran.
Both rounds started as training rounds. Very well handled by the both of you. Helping, clicking and praising at the right moment. This is how a training round should be.

Class C: 2 Entries, 2 ran.
1st Eva Hampe & Dumf and Galwy Ewephoria (border Collie) lost 13
Summer did a great job. Nice and accurate heelwork Clear DC and Scent. Well deserved win.
Eva did a training round with Cocaine, As in the B-class very well handled and very stylish.

After all classes and the presentation was finished, there was just enough time for the line-up pictures, before I was rushed to Vienna airport by Sabrina’s parents. Sabrina’s father drove like Niki Lauda. So I got at the airport with plenty of time to get past the customs. And that was needed. After my luggage past the customs scanner I was picked out to open it and I had to take everything out. The problem was a little bottle that was in the gift I got for Judging. The gift was a little bag with all kind of goodies. Thank you very much Sabrina, much appreciated. The bloke at the customs wanted to throw the complete bag into a big yellow bin. I took  a lot of talking before I could convince him to not throw away the complete gift. He took out the little bottle and held it over the bin for about five seconds and then put it back in the bag and returned it to me. Thank you Austrian customs for having a heart. At  the very smooth flight home, I let the day pass again. What a great day it was. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Good luck in the future Your dogs are great and all very well handled.
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