20-10-2018 Jill Berry - The Dutch Obedience Society

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20-10-2018 Jill Berry

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 20/10/2018
Class: Beginners Class B
, Class C
Judge: Jill Berry

Thanks to Rick van Veeren for inviting me to judge at her show in Holland. It was was well organised and ran very smoothly. There was a full running order for each class which ensured no waiting around for competitors and sometimes I had to ask for a break! The show was held indoors at the Dog Centre in Kerkwijk, run by Martin and Esther Brouwer, a facility that would be the envy of every dog enthusiast in the UK.

Test C
Ring steward: Esther Brouwer
Score steward: Paul Van Dijk and Brenda Botermans.
Decoy: Sonja van de Kammon
Thank you Esther, Paul and Brenda for your help and company.
The results were:
1st Guus Scholten and Halligalli Moviestar. Coco won this class despite missing a position in heelwork such was the standard of her work. Clean handling from Guus completed a polished picture. Very well done.
2nd Guus Scholten and Ob Ch Danesway Duet. Gucci was leading the class before he decided to give the win to Coco by bringing in the decoy. Perhaps he thought he’d won enough this year having become an Obedience Champion. Congratulations on your title and good luck at Crufts.
3rd Greet Vink and Candlewind Two Spots. Nice heelwork and clear DC from Greet and Beryl today however a poor sendaway took its toll but still good enough to attain this place. Well done.
4th Brenda Botermans and From Dutch Pepper Twisting Timber. Good set exercises from Timber today. But for a failed scent it could have been a different ending. Well done on this place.
5th Joop Gijs and Meg. Bits and pieces added up today finishing with a near perfect scent, the best of the day. Well done.

Ring steward: Marian de Jong
Score steward: Anja de Pagter
Thanks to Marian and Anja for your hard work and good company today.
There were only 6 entries in this class and 4 of those trained so there were only 2 competitors completing the test. 1st place was withheld to allow both dogs to attain more experience before progressing.
2nd Noelle Sermant and O’Dazzle Van ‘tHof Van Mira. Bits and pieces in all exercises including a broken stay added up today. However Dazzle is a nice dog that with a little more experience should progress nicely. Congratulations on this place.
3rd Nathalie Van Horik and Jaimy. Heelwork was a little untidy but Jaimy did a good recall and retrieve. Again broken stays added to the total marks lost. As with the 2nd placed dog, should do well with a little more experience. Well done.

Test B
Ring steward: Guus Scholten
Score steward: Anja de Pagter
Decoy: Chantal Huys
Thanks to Guus, Anja and Chantal for your assistance and good company.
A small entry meant that there were only 2 dogs in the line up today.
1st Karen Selhorst and Dylan. Overall a creditable round from Karen and Dylan. Clear stays and a good scent secured 1st place. Congratulations.
2nd Claudia Leijs and Silverwoods Pride Ice. A very nice round from Claudia and Gimmick. Unfortunately a broken sit stay and a messy scent cost you the win. I’m sure the red one isn’t far away. Well done.
I thoroughly enjoyed my days judging in Holland, thank you all for making me feel so welcome.  Thanks to Rick for the plentiful gifts for the judges, stewards and winning competitors, certainly my dog really appreciated them.  On the whole the standard was good with dogs enjoying their work. Carry on keeping them happy and most of all enjoy your lovely dogs. I hope to see you all again in the not too distant future.
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