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26-08-2018 Sarah Connell

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 26/08/2018
Class: Novice
, Class C
Judge: Sarah Connell

So day two arrives and in contrast to Saturdays wet and grey day, today is lovely, bright and sunny, so the show can go ahead outside.
Today saw me judging Novice in the first instance followed by C. Before I forget to mention it, thank you Peter v d Velde and Gerard (I think it was) for your invaluable stay stewarding duties.

Novice - There were 10 entries in this class of which 9 ran. There were 4 training rounds which left 5 teams competing. Again, whilst the class was small, the winner was an outright winner and could easily win in a much larger class. Today saw Natalie ring stewarding whilst Paul capably took charge of the scores. Thank you both, jobs well done.

1st Place, No 87, Dirk Velthuizen v with Calvin (ASD). High on his success on the previous day, this pair put in a very confident and eye pleasing performance. Heelwork was committed but Calvins enthusiasm caused a few minor positional errors. Miniscule errors in both presents on Recall and retrieve with clear stays saw this team well and truly rise to the top of the class today. Cracking team. Congratulations Dirk and good luck in the higher classes.
2nd Place, No.89, Heidi Waelkens with Ghinjo, ODH.This team started out really well but the dog lost confidence as the heel on lead round continued and without any help from Heidi things went a bit downhill. However, On Heel Free things were altogether better with much more confidence shown. Turns are the main issue with this team so get those sorted and things will be much better, Recall was looking good until the present as was the retrieve!!! Well done Heidi, I'm sure you will go from strength to strength with more experience.
3rd Place, No. 53, Anda Baerdemaeker de with Biba, BC. A lovely attitude by this young collie, however, being young a inexperienced he was a bit jumpy on his heelwork which caused positional errors. On heel free he lost the plot on the start of the right hand circle work but collected himself and settled to then go on to perform a super left hand circle. Super fast recall which resulted in a major crash into present and dropping the dumbbell at Andas feet and backing off marred an otherwise good retrieve!! I am sure the pair of you will go onto much greater things Anda as Biba is clearly more than capable. Well done.
4th Place, No 41, Gina Valkenhoff with Spirit, BSD Terv. This was a lovely neat team. Heelwork was a little surgy in places with a bit of wide work but generally was jolly nice. A good recall with just slightly off centre present and crooked finish and much the same with retrieve. Sitting in 3rd place until stays when Spirit decided the sit stay wasn't happening and fell over instead. Ah well, that's dogs for you! Well done.
5th Place, No 80, Sandra Pierson with Myroh, BC. Most points on heelwork were lost in heel on lead today as Myroh had a bit of a nodding dog thing going on! However, when he concentrated he was super! Heel free was waaaaay better Very slight off centre present in recall and same again plus a crooked finish in retrieve, saw this pair sitting in 2nd place before stays. However, Myroh decided that staying down for 2 minutes wasn't for him!! Shame Sandra but well done otherwise.

So, lastly we have class C. The biggest class with 20 entries. 16 ran and 7 trained, leaving 9 to fight it out. Martin was the steward on this occasion with Paul sticking to his scoreboard duties. Again, thank you both.
A few stunning teams in this class and a few on their way up from the previous classes. Everyone gave it their all so well done to you all.

1st Place, No 14, Greet Vink with Beryl. Greet and Beryl looked very at home in the C ring and worked well together. Positional errors on turns being the recurring problem throughout the paces in heelwork. Retrieve was well executed with just a crooked present, Sendaway spot on as was DC. A clear scent saw this team sneak through and win the class. Many congratulations.
2nd Place, No 83, Guus Scholten with Gucci. Still high on their recent fabulous achievement and Obedience Champion title, congratulations again! this team oozed confidence, drive and style. However, today such attributes caused a few errors on the old back end in heelwork plus a few other minor positional errors which totted up a few points. Sendaway was spot on, however, Retrieve was costly with a bit of mouthing by Gucci and a fumble by Guus, a missed position in DC and a 1/2 point lost in scent relegated you to 2nd spot. It was a very close thing between you and Greet though. Well done.
3rd Place, No 52, Anda Baerdemaeker de with Vivid, BC. Some nice heelwork by this pair but turns need work as almost all points were lost through loss of position throughout turns plus a missed position is ASSD. Retrieve was fine once Vivid found the article! Missed a position in DC which was a shame and dropping short on sendaway was expensive. Managing a correct, albeit slightly messy, scent discrimination secured your 3rd place. Well done.
4th Place, No 75, Sandra Noh with Nox, BC. Sandras first competitive attempt at class C I believe? Well done Sandra, you make a valiant attempt at the round and completed all of the exercises. Ok, there were a few errors along the way but overall it was a good start to his C career. Slow pace heelwork was fab, normal pace is where he loses most point with the turns causing the most issues. Missed a position on DC but hey ho! Great and clear sendaway Scent was a bit messy but otherwise well discriminated. Lets not talk about the sit stay
5th Place, No 62, Joop Gijs with Meg, BC. Megs heelwork is much improved on when I saw you last. Really lovely at all paces with minimal errors, however, lots of extra body commands given, probably without you realising it, by you stacked up the points lost. Excellent and clear retrieve, DC missed a position and unfortunately sendaway was costly as was scent Never mind Joop, onwards and upwards as shes a delightful little dog.
Lastly, a mention to Gwen Griffioen and Raven (BSD).  Fabulously powerful dog, so full of drive and desire.  However, that incredible power caused many a fault in heelwork almost all for her overturning on every single turn together with a few errors on other exercises.  Such a shame about the scent  Your day will come I'm sure.  

So, there you have it. Our Dutch weekend extravaganza was over. We had a great time, not least because all of you lovely competitors are so accepting of our decisions. Thank you one and all. Also, many thanks to anyone I have forgotten to mention who helped throughout the weekend. I do hope we get to come along again and see how you are all progressing. Until then, bye for now.
End of Show Report
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