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Verslag keurmeester Kim Innes

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Show Report
Show: Crufts 2016 Birmingham
Date: 13/03/2016
Class: Obedience World Cup
Judge: Kim Innes

I have a lot of people to thank for making my Crufts judging appointment so special but none more so than the Crufts committee for deeming me worthy of judging at the Worlds best Dog Show.   My grateful thanks go to Richard Kebble who has been there helping and guiding me through the complex matter of bringing everything into place before the event.  I had no idea how much work was involved but knew that you were  always there to give me much needed advice.  To Dave who worked tirelessly with me practising the Round etc, over and over until we were both, hopefully,  inch perfect with it, I couldn’t have done it all without you .   Your stewarding on the day was impeccable as I knew it would be leaving me to be able to concentrate fully on the day. Now for my wonderful Team who gave up their time on so many occasions to get together and ensure that they all knew their jobs on the day so that it all ran smoothly.  So to Michelle, Dave, Pat, Wendy, Sue, Sharon and Roy you were all absolute stars and it was a pleasure to have you all on board for our special day.  I was so proud of how you all rose to the occasion on the day

My thanks go to Gerard who, as usual, always knows how to engage the crowd and bring it together so well and also to Sue and Steve who were there whenever needed,
I so enjoyed judging every team on the day.  The standard was very high with most dogs completing the Test successfully.  When setting my Round I went to a lot of trouble to put on a round that I felt all dogs,  whether they be other Breeds or dogs with varying temperaments, could cope with.  Having been to Crufts with dogs who  have  had a total melt down!!   I know how challenging Crufts can be for a sensitive dog.   To the Handlers whose dogs failed an exercise I applaud you for the sympathetic  way in which you helped your dogs, shrugged your shoulders and accepted that on the day that they gave it their best shot.  It’s an old cliché but at the end of the day each and every one of you took home the best dog.    Thank you to everyone who sent Cards, flowers, presents and good luck messages it meant such a lot to me.    

Now to the results.
1st  Mary Ray and Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans     Levi and Mary flowed round the ring like the true Champions that they are.  Very smart exercises leaving me little to mark and clean stylish heelwork.  A pleasure to Judge and to award the title of World Champion .  Congratulations.
2nd Katy Girdler and Gwynion Sinead for Pashamatts.  Very good heelwork from this pair, strong and confident and a pleasure to Judge.   I’m sure this dog will go on to become an Ob Ch.  Just a matter of time.  Well done
3rd Naoimh Mathers and Grenaby Red Dynamite.    This pair did a lovely round and I know the handler was thrilled with her place and her dog.  Second best Hw mark of the day they made it look easy.   Well done
4th Jane Walker and Darian Lady Pirate at Davmic.   Another good round to judge.  An overall committed performance by this Bitch with nice clean handling.  Well done

Winning teams
1st  Wales
  I was very impressed with all four of the Welsh Team.   Between them they showed commitment and style.  It gave me great pleasure to award them first place and the title of World Cup winners.  A good all round performance with team spirit shining through.  Well done to Jen Jessop and her fabulous team.
2nd England
I expected top quality work from this Team and I wasn’t disappointed.  The English team have had a lot of success in this competition and it’s easy to see why.  All exercises were carried out smartly and precisely and the HW was of a very good standard.  Well done to Herbie and his team
3rd Scotland
I was so pleased that Carole and her merry team came third.  The dogs and handlers put in some very nice rounds to achieve this place which was thoroughly deserved.  This team although obviously competitive also seemed to have a lot of fun on the day.  Well done
4th Northern Ireland
This lovely Team seemed so chuffed with this place and rightly so.   Overall a good performance from everyone but high marks on some exercises pushing them down in the line up.   Your outfits and antics had us in stitches bringing some lovely Irish humour into the day!  Well done
As I have said I thoroughly enjoyed Judging this prestigious event and every Team brought something into the Competition to make it a very special day for me.    
Kim Innes
End of Show Report
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