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26-10-2019 Katy Girdler

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Show Report
Show: Preding bei Weiz
Date: 26/10/2019
Class: Pre-Beginners up to Class C
Judge: Katy Girdler
Thank you for the invitation to judge your UK Obedience show in Austria. All of the dogs were happy and motivated which made judging a pleasure. We were so very lucky with the weather too, sunshine and blue skies all round.
Many thanks to Ina for organising this event…. So much work, but she’s super¬-organised! Ina, Winchester is a credit to you. Such a talented dog. Like a firework to train, but clearly loves his Mum, an exciting prospect…. Good luck for the future.
Lots of people helped to make the day a success. Stewards and scent decoys all did a great job, thank you. Thanks also to the team who collated and inputted the scores.

RESULTS…. I set rounds that I would like to work myself, so I was delighted by your positive feedback.

1st lost 8:5 Eva and Cocaine BC. Good, strong work in all exercises, with exceptional DC. Considering Eva had been teaching for three days, they produced a very smart test. A lovely dog with great attention and attitude. Well done.

1st lost 17:75 Birgit and Tom BC. Solid in all exercises. No major errors, although a SA drop at the front markers took a chunk of points.
2nd lost 29 Claudia and Leaf GR. Showing some excellent HW, another dog dropping on the front markers. The sit stay proved very costly indeed, but otherwise a good round.
3rd lost 35:5 Birgit and Smokey Pap. Smokey is a great little dog,- I remember being impressed by his work in Germany a couple of years ago. Great HW, good SA, but another dog who came to grief in the Sit Stay.
4th lost 49 Edith and Taya GR. A very good round, but sadly a scent failure.

1st lost 3:5 Birgit and Kiowa BC. Super round in all aspects. Made the test look easy. Many congratulations!
2nd lost 19 Nathalie and Amy XB. What a lovely dog, just short of her 14th birthday. Worked a really good test, unfortunately both Scent and the Sit Stay were very costly.
3rd lost 24:5 Birgit and Namida BC. Namida is deaf, but she and Birgit work very well together. She missed the call-up from A Recall, and again, the Sit Stay took marks.
4th lost 37:75 Helena and Emily BC. I really felt for this team. They worked a cracking round, but came to grief in Scent. Sort this and you will fly!
5th lost 40:5 Birgit and Havanna GSD. Another team who produced a good round, just Scent again causing problems.
6th lost 51 Birgit and Smokey Pap. A very tidy round again by Smokey, but both sets of Stays cost him dearly.

NOVICE The standard of this level was high, los of entries, and it was tight at the top.
1st lost 2:25 Birgit and Kiowa BC. Lovely work throughout the test, especially Retrieve. I thought this dog was great!
2nd lost 2:75 Edith and Taya GR. Just pipped for the win. Such a happy dog who is super-confident and loves her work. Great stuff!
3rd lost 3 Eva and Haylee BC. I loved this dog. Everything is there in place,- the desire, the confidence and the resilience. Great competitive future ahead.
4th lost 3:75 Helena and Emily BC. Another very good round indeed. Just unlucky to be in such a strong class.
5th lost 4:25 Birgit and Nael BC. Tidy round, but anticipation in Retrieve took marks. Otherwise, very smart.
6th lost 5:25 Nathalie and Goldie XB. Goldie calmly worked the test. She had good attention, tried hard, and produced a very smart round. Her Recall and Retrieve in particular were very neat.
7th Corina & Luci – Good round, but no sit in recall was costly
8th Corina & Chili – Tidy, but marks went on no sit at the end of heelwork
9th = Helena & Ziva – Excellent heelwork off lead
9th = Birgit & Namida – Additional commands needed in recall which added up
11th Birgit & Vito – Just lacking confidence, but all the work is good

1st lost 4:75 Corina and Chili Kooke. AFTER R/O Chili had great enthusiasm for the work, and produced a lovely test. Many congratulations on winning the R/O from….
2nd lost 4:75 Renate and Niko ASD. You were so unlucky in the R/O. Niko worked great for you, be proud!

1st lost 5:75 Maximilion and Ally DH. Some of this HW was stunning for this level of competition. Very well done.
2nd lost 7 Renate and Niko ASD. Super round, Down Stay took marks.
3rd lost 10:25 Jennifer and Antia H. Fabulous round, so very, very good, but sadly, a Sit Stay problem cost you the class.

Super-impressive!! Handlers had thought about what they wanted to achieve, and made the most of their opportunity. Great Training Rounds with BCs by…
Marie-Therese with Jordy, Angelica with River, Sasi with Raven, Nathalie with young Ashley. Corina with Felix, and Helena with her lovely FCR Casey. Christine with her Husky Maya, a very smart team. Claudia with CS Cully, he’s not making it easy for you, but keep the faith!

TRAINING ROUND PRIZE Verena for brilliant work with Siri & Jack

HEELWORK PRIZE Claudia and Leaf. Beautiful

Katy Girdler
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